About Bill Exchange

Bill Exchange is a service offering from Bill Exchange Pty Limited, part of the Payment Adviser group of companies.  It connects billers and payers by facilitating the delivery and aggregation of electronic bills. Once received payers can pay one lump sum to each biller and upload an electronic remittance advice to Bill Exchange.

About Payment Adviser


Payment Adviser was established in 2008 to launch proprietary technology designed to meet a clear, large unmet global market need in electronic commerce.

The patented technology (issued in 2 jurisdictions, pending in a further 11) integrates limitless amounts of remittance information with payment infrastructure to deliver quantum efficiency gains at minimal cost or industry downtime.

The Payment Adviser group of companies includes ClickSuper Pty Limited, launched in 2010 (www.clicksuper.com.au) with Cuscal Limited. 

ClickSuper streamlines the payment of superannuation, rollovers and other payroll deductions by attaching validated and enriched data to each transaction.