General Questions

How much will it cost me to use the service?

Bill Exchange charges a low transaction fee per bill.  There are no establishment fees or minimum monthly fees, simply pay for the bills presented.

My software platform is not listed; can I still use the service?

Bill Exchange only operates on software platforms which we accredit to ensure the integrity of the service.  If your software platform is not listed, please contact us so that we may contact your supplier and get them accredited.

What training do I require to use the service?

Very little as Bill Exchange has been design to operate with your existing software and current workflow.  How to use guides will be given to you as part of your welcome pack.

What software do I need to install?

None, Bill Exchange is cloud based and we securely interact with your software platform via the internet.

Can I stop using the Bill Exchange service?

Yes, you simply need to give Bill Exchange 90 days notice – there are no exit fees.

Does Bill Exchange hold onto any of the information that is transmitted via the service?

Yes, in case you require a back-up copy. This information is only stored for this purpose

How does Bill Exchange protect my privacy?

Bill Exchange is an electronic mail box and only discloses information to the intended recipients.  Bill Exchange complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). For further information please review our Privacy Statement.

Does Bill Exchange have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place?

Yes the service operates on safe and redundant systems which are capable of recovering the services and underlying computer systems from an unplanned event with minimal downtime

Biller Questions

What type of bills can be sent via Bill Exchange?

Any type of bill currently sent to Real Estate Agents, these include reminder and supplementary bills

Under what authority can I send bills to Real Estate Agents via Bill Exchange?

At establishment, Bill Exchange will provide to you a letter of authority from all registered Real Estate Agents authorising you to transmit all their bills to them via Bill Exchange.

Can I legally stop printing paper bills and still fulfil my legal requirements by using Bill Exchange?

At establishment, Bill Exchange will provide to you a letter of authority from all registered Real Estate Agents authorising you to cease the production and distribution of all paper bills addressed to them.

Does Bill Exchange handle the payment of bills?

No, Bill Exchange at no stage is involved in the movement of money.  All bills are paid via EFT through the Real Estate Agent's primary bank.

What happens if a bill is under / over paid?

Accompanying each paid bill will be a summary report in PDF format which will provide the contact name, email address and phone number of the Real Estate Agent representative who can be queried on any under / over payments.

Will I receive one EFT payment per Real Estate Agent?

Yes, each EFT payment will represent all bills paid by that particular Real Estate Agent for that particular day.

How do I reconcile the aggregated EFT I receive against the transaction file (remittance advice)?

Each transaction file will contain the individual amount paid per assessment number and relevant date paid. The total of these transactions will equal the aggregated EFT transaction received into your bank account.

How do I know when a transaction file (remittance advice) has been delivered?

An email will be sent to those representatives whom you selected at registration.

How many transaction files (remittance advices) will I receive per day?

Files will be available from your last download.  If you wish to reconcile daily, then files (if available) will need to be downloaded on a daily basis.

What file format will I receive the transaction file (remittance advice) in?

The file format will be available in a variety of formats, including .CSV; XML and PDF.  The.CSV file has been formatted to be accepted by all software platforms.

Real Estate Agent Questions

How do I know when bills have been published?

An email will be sent to those representatives whom you selected at registration.

What file format will I receive bills in?

Bills will be sent to you as PDF images with an accompanying data file containing all the relevant information within each individual bill to enable straight through processing.

Will I receive images of the bills?

Yes, as PDF images

How do I pay my creditors?

At registration Bill Exchange will provide to you your registered Biller's BSB and Account Number.  When running your outgoings you will record these details against each registered creditor and create a Direct Entry .ABA file for processing by your bank.

After I've paid my creditors, how many remittance advices (transaction files) do I need to upload?

All software platforms which have been accredited by Bill Exchange will automatically create one electronic remittance advice for that day's Bill Exchange creditor payments which will marry to the accompanying Direct Entry file created for physical payment.

What happens if I cease managing a property and do not want to receive bills via Bill Exchange anymore?

An authority form removing the property from the Bill Exchange service will need to be completed.  Bill Exchange will forward it to all your registered Billers.

What happens if I start managing a new property and wish to receive bills for it via Bill Exchange?

An authority form completed by the property owner will need to be completed which gives authority to registered Billers to send bills via Bill Exchange to the nominated Real Estate Agent.


* If you have any other questions regarding Bill Exchange please contact us.