For Real Estate Agents

Successful property managers deliver superior service to their client base.  Part of this service may mean paying outgoings on behalf of your owners and this is where the pain starts.

Not only do you have to manually input all bills received (Local Council, Water, Strata, etc) into your system, but then you also need to scan an image of each bill and finally draw a cheque for each creditor to enable payment. This typical process is inefficient, expensive and reliant on multiple systems.

Recognising the disengagement between Real Estate Agents and Billers, it became clear to us that all parties would benefit from a simple, fast and cost-effective solution.

In response, we developed Bill Exchange – the next evolution in the presentment and payment of bills.  Bill Exchange streamlines the outgoings process by delivering bills, both as images and data so that you can import it directly into your Property Management system.  Once imported you simply run your outgoings process and pay all registered Bill Exchange billers via one aggregated EFT and upload a remittance schedule to us.


Bill Exchange has been designed to work with your existing systems and processes to ensure you are up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible, we are compatible with the following systems:

Compatible Property Management systems*
  • Agentplus

* If your system isn't on this list, please contact us.

"Leveraging our state-of-the-art Property Management Software solution, we easily integrated with Bill Exchange to receive electronic rate notices from Waverley Council for many of the estate agents who use our trust accounting services." - Agentplus