For Billers

Current collection systems for the payment of bills by individuals are world class.  However, there are an ever increasing number of bills paid by Real Estate Agents which fall outside the preferred payment channels. These wind up as manual payments which result in costly wastage and inefficiency.

Recognising the disengagement between Billers and Real Estate Agents, it became clear to us that all parties would benefit from a simple, fast and cost-effective solution.

In response, we developed Bill Exchange – the next evolution in the presentment and payment of bills.


Bill Exchange has been designed to work with your existing systems and processes to ensure you are up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible, we are compatible with the following systems:

Compatible Rating Systems* Compatible Mailing Systems*
  • Infor Pathway
  • Technology One
  • Civica
  • SEMA
  • Forms Express

* If your system isn't on this list, please contact us.

"By delivering our rate notices via Bill Exchange we will eliminate the need to produce over 10,000 paper notices each quarter, which not only reduces the cost to Council but reduces our carbon footprint as well."
- Council's Revenue Accountant